So did the 2.5hr drive up to Axiom on Monday to drop off my M80's and VP150. Got a little tour of the shop by Steve(?) I believe it was. Quite impressive! I actually got to go into the Anechoic chamber. Pretty cool I must say!

What was really impressive were the Bryston speakers that Axiom were building. They had a couple of finished ones sitting there and I have to say those speakers are monsters! I think they were 120lbs each.

Also saw a pair of LFR's being built in the Rosenut finish. Now that is one beautiful finish for a speaker. I really wish I could have afforded that for my speakers.

Looks like I'll have to wait until mid next week to receive my speakers. I was tempted to look at the Russian Maple finish but decided to be suprised since there wasn't much I could do at this point if I didn't like the finish.

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