So I decided to measure to frequency response in my room. I am using a calibration mic with spectrum analyzer software (TrueRTA). As sound sources I used Audacity to create multi-channel PCM files with pink noise. I first used Audyssey to calibrate and then made my own tweaks.

My first question, am I correct to use pink noise over white noise?

In a typical room, what kind of spread would I expect to get after calibration? I seem to be getting +-5 db more or less from about 25Hz to 15KHz. Is this good, bad?

When measuring/adjusting frequency response, I am focused on the Front, Center and LFE. I approached this task by trying to adjust Front, Center and LFE individually and then combined. Is this a good approach?

It's funny, I have never tried measuring room response like this before, I always assumed it was pretty straight forward to do. Ha, once I started to plan for it, I discovered that there are tons of details to think about.
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