Thanks for the responses, guys. We went to Home Depot to see what a really rough guess might be for the dimensions we're looking at. I understand there's going to be a huge variation in price based on the quality of the cabinets as well as what options are added. Based on the dimensions, the little chart that the woman had said it could be anywhere between $5,800 and $19,600. That makes me think we would end up somewhere around $10k. That would be 1/3 of the total loan we got for the entire basement remodel, so I'm trying to look for ways to reduce that. I'm considering doing just the lower cabinets traditionally, spending what I have to for better construction, and putting in floating shelves in place of the upper cabinets, though I really need to think about what needs to be behind doors and if I can get by with that. I know I'd rather have less of something well-made than a whole kitchen of shoddy garbage.

Scott, I was actually just looking at KraftMaid last night, albeit briefly. Mike, I'll check out DeWils. Thanks again!