Adrian. Even Behringer makes some good amps. The EP2400/4000 even deliver into a 2 ohm load. Their Inuke class D is supposed to deliver the goods as well, but I have not seen any bench test results.

Peavey's IPR series is another new class D contender that delivers. That is the one Danley bench (and torture) tested with no audible distortion.

On paper, pro amps have higher distortion levels, but I do not think that we can distinguish between the tiny amount of distortion a good pro amp exhibits and the infinitesimal distortion an expensive audiophile amp exhibits.

Both the Inuke and IPR are new in the last year or so and are very inexpensive for the power they deliver. I wonder if the Class D world has drastically changed?

I may have missed your comments on competently designed so maybe we agree there. I personally think that many of the newer receivers fit into the competently designed category.

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