I have been a repeat customer of Axiom Audio for years with two separate home theater room setups. One room is more of a multipurpose family room for video, games, and stereo listening. The other room is the dedicated AV room but with challenging structural design elements. I am swapping out the front M80's and replacing the A-1400-8 amplifier.

Here is the new setup:

LFR1100 pair
QS8 rears and surrounds
EP800 pair
1500 5 channel amp at 4 ohms (fronts and center)
1250 4 channel amp at 8 ohms (rear and surrounds)
Anthem Statement D2V AV receiver with ARC
Various source devices

Can hardly wait to hear the difference with the LFR's and the new amplifiers.
What do you think?

Best Wishes to All and thanks again to Axiom for taking care of me so well over the years!