Hey all,

Having an issue with my new amp regarding speaker designation, when I run the Mcacc on my Pioneer elite it allocates the M80 to the LARGE setting, which renders my Velodyne 12" sub useless in every mode except for watching blu-ray's on the PS3. From what I can gather reading different threads scattered about the net, the LARGE setting is for full range speakers that can handle bass output, and the SMALL setting is for speakers that you only want very little bass and the rest to be handled with the sub.

I understand that by having the M80's set to SMALL it takes a bit of stress off the Amp not having to pound the bass, but is really optimal for the speaker? I mean it has 2 woofers, you would think it could handle some bass, I even have them Bi-amped.

I can't seem to figure out why there is no bass output from the sub in any other mode but PSM (digital signal on PS3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.