OK, I have been using Excel for years now as a primary work/reporting tool, and yet I somehow have never been able to figure out a better way to do something that may be simple...

Here is what is going on. I have to keep running IT ticket statistics based off of a variety of factors. In order to determine how individual techs are doing, I need to count some information such as how many tickets have been closed, how long it took for them to close them, etc. That is fine. I have those formulas, however...

Each week I copy in potentially thousands of raw data dump rows into my master spreadsheet, and each week I need to create a new worksheet tab for that week and then after copying and pasting the previous week's formatted formulas, change a large number of them so that they only count the newly added rows to the master data dump tab in the spreadsheet.


Here are some formulas that I use. The numbers that change each week are represented by 1111 and 2222:
=COUNTIF('Completed SRC Tasks'!$H$1111:$H$2222,A5)

=COUNTIFS('Completed SRC Tasks'!$H$1111:$H$2222,A5,'Completed SRC Tasks'!$N$1111:$N$2222,"<>")

=COUNTIFS('Completed SRC Tasks'!$H$1111:$H$2222,A5,'Completed SRC Tasks'!$M$1111:$M$2222,"<0")

=SUM((COUNTIFS('Completed SRC Tasks'!$H$1111:$H$2222,A5,'Completed SRC Tasks'!$M$1111:$M$2222,"<1"))-F5)

So anyway, that might be this week, and then next week I need to replace the 1111 and 2222 with 3333 and 4444 (for example only, obviously those numbers would be the actual cell range for the week's data).

So is there some way to just enter those numbers into an empty set of cells and have the formula use those instead of having to manually type them in or copy/paste into each formula?

By that I mean could I have a cell like A1 contain the number 1111 (first row number of the range) and maybe A2 contain the number 2222 (last row number of the range) and have those formula reference A1 and A2's information and thus get 1111 and 2222 from cells A1 and A2 respectively?

Then each week I could just enter the row numbers into those two cells instead of doing all of this manual copy/paste business.

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