I haven't seen it mentioned yet but, have you checked your phase position on the subs because improper setting in this category can also affect what your hearing especially when you have more than one sub from different manufacturers interacting with your Axiom mains. In music the vast majority of bass is not much below 60HZ and that is only when played at the lowest register which in most cases is not always done by the player on the recording. I also find bass response can vary widely in different recordings. There is rarely anything below 20HZ anyway even in movies and if it is present, you will feel it not hear it. The very deep bass in movies can generally only be heard at relatively high volumes, otherwise, if it was mixed at louder levels with moderate volume, when cranked up to movie levels, it would more than likely overdrive your speakers, even your subs.

The human ear(and even SPL meters)do not hear or measure bass accurately below 50HZ and like the highs, it gets worse the older you get so the controls should be adjusted accordingly. This is probably one of the main reasons why not everyone likes the results from "room correction" systems. Sometimes what the AVR measures as being accurate in your room does not always translate to what your ears are hearing(or like).

The older AVRs had a bass boost button which was specifically designed to be used primarily at lower volumes to compensate for that hearing loss in that range. At higher volumes, it was way too much. The 80HZ crossover which has always been the THX standard for movies just seems to be the most flexible for all types of listening, so set it to that number, make sure your sub phases are correct and adjust the sub volume to taste and you should be fine with the ultimate goal of hearing the music/movies the way they are suppose to sound.

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