Just wondering.
Trying to decide now between the Martin Logan Depth I or SVS Plus or the EP500.
The first two have built in PEQ. where as Axioms don't.
IS it better to have a sub that has a built in EQ or just go with the A/V and whatever calibration it has ( Audessy, ARC )

With my receiver, it runs ARC and I have two separate settings one measurements are for movies and a second for music.
I can also calibrate the music for 2 ch or 2.1. or 7.1.
I have now a Blu ray for movies calibrated for movies and a separate for Blu-ray player for Music. I have a CD Player set for 2 ch music.

JUst like the thought that if I have the ML or SVS I can calibrate the subs LFE. and let the receiver calibrate for all speakers but the LFE.
However, if I have Axioms EP500 then I would have to let the receiver and ARC do it all. Also, thinking of getting a EP500 and a PEQ and put this in the mix, kinda like having a built in PEQ for the sub. Even if just to play around
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