U guys usually have an answer for everything, so how about some tech support? LOL!

I moved my workstation to a new facility and upon bootup, I was greeted with a warning that multi-bit ECC errors had been detected on my RAID controler. It suggested the DIMM be replaced less I risk likely corrupt data.

So, I ordered a new DIMM. Installed the DIMM, boot up gave me the same exact error message. Whaa??

Borrowed another controller card (Dell perc H800, same as my bad one) and everything booted up a-ok, but it no longer sees my RAID configuration at all.

Any ideas how I can get my data back?

PS - this is even weirder...the RAID control management software seems to be gone as well. Anyone have a link to where I can re-download it? I believe it was LSI megaRAID software?
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