My AVR-2308 recently developed a problem with playing audio from the digital inputs. This affects HDMI, coax and optical, but not the analog inputs. There is brief intermittent muted sound for a second or 2, and then just a buzz or hum if the volume is turned way up.

None of the settings have changed. I went through the setup and checked, but didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary. I even popped the hood to check the fuses and they all "look" ok (I didn't test them).

The receiver is a few years old and it's probably not worth spending much more than a couple of hundred dollars to fix it. Just to ship it somewhere and have it diagnosed will be at least $100. I'm hoping one of you smart guys might have a thought or suggestion or opinion about what to do. I've put my old AVR-3803 back in service, but it seems pretty primitive compared to the 2308.

Thanks for any input.
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