Now this is strange. I've had a pair of M60's for the past two years and have enjoyed them. They have dual binding posts, connected to my Sunfire Cinema Grand Series II Amp and a Marantz 8801 Pre/Pro. I've enjoyed the sound, but something always felt lacking, and I could never put my finger on it.

Today I was playing around with a calibration disc, and just for the hell of it, I ran the speaker polarity test. The out of phase test tone should have been softer than the in-phase test tone, but it wasn't! I found some other polarity tests online and ran those. Lo and behold, my M60's appeared to be out of phase!

I checked the wiring (which I had done myself) and everything was correct... Red to Red, Black to Black. But despite this, I went ahead and swapped the polarity of one speaker (both pairs of binding posts), and the result was a significant improvement! And this time, it passed all the polarity tests!

So my question is: how could this be possible, given that the wiring was correct? Could one of the M60's be cross-wired inside the speaker, forcing me to compensate by reversing polarity on the binding posts? Again, I checked and re-checked the wiring. It was absolutely correct before.

As an aside, whenever I ran an Audyssey calibration, Audyssey always reported that my speakers were out of phase. I disregarded that, as I knew it was wired correctly, and I've read that Audyssey can be prone to errors, but now it all makes sense.

Can someone help me explain what's going on here? Thanks in advance!