This will be for my daughters den on the second floor. It's a little odd shaped so I'd like to see what would be best for a setup. Now she's 7 so it's really for daddy's obsession of good sound lol. Thanks.

Long back wall (next to bdrm 4) is where the couch will be and it's about 16' 3"

The front wall (next to balcony) is 12' 6".

The walls on either side of the balcony door are 7' and 2' 6".

I'm thinking a 46" Samsung led TV as close to the balcony door as possible to get it as close to center in the "room" that is not including the area in from of the stairs.

I'm not opposed to speakers up on the wall/ceiling.

Would you do w2s in each corner of the 12' 6" wall aimed at the center of the sofa and a w100 center in the middle of the room (not centered on the tv) or center the center on the tv and closer to the R channel.

Would you use qs4 rears? On the wall above the 3x6 opening on the far left.

Ceiling mount both qs4 in the "room" area not including the stair area?

Can qs4s be that close to the back wall on the side of the sofa?

Should I mount the qs4 on the back wall in this situation?


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