I have noticed from time to time clipping coming from my rear side QS8's I believe its the side ones. It doesn't happen very often but it happens.
I am running a Pioneer SC-27 for my Center Channel and my four QS8. The amp is rated at 140 watts a channel. My front M80 i have hooked up to a separate amp so they are fine. 140 watts is more than enough for these speakers as they max at 400 watts right? I have a 7.1 set up and I think I am hearing the clipping coming from the side QS8's. Anyone have a ideal what could be causing this? I have checked the wiring and everything is good. My M80 towers fronts were clipping time to time before I purchased a separate amp for them and I have never heard them clip since. Do you think I need a separate amp for the remaining 5 speakers in my set up?
M80's, VP150, QS8, EP500 7.1, Pioneer Elite SC-27, Adcom GFA 5500 amp. Monster Power HTS 1650