The Axioms are available with the widest variety of finishes I've ever seen. Those options seem to come at a VERY steep price, though. With only a few changes, it's easy to up the base price of an Axiom speaker pair by 50%, 100%, or even more.

Therefore, as a potential customer, I must ask: Which of the options improve performance, and which are cosmetic?

Obviously, any change in finish is cosmetic only. A real wood veneer or a piano finish don't change the sound significantly, nor does a grille of a different color. The options I see that may (or may not) be worth paying for include:

High power woofers?
Cast woofer baskets?
Bi-wire terminals?
Outrigger feet?
Spikes if you have carpets?

Of the above, which are worth paying for and why? Which are a waste of money and why?

Obviously, Axiom considers the cast woofer baskets & bi-wire terminals to be non-functional (the web page terms them "audiophile jewelry"). I can see where the woofer baskets might not be audible, but on SOME speakers, I've found that I can hear bi-wiring.

If one doesn't play loudly (or if a subwoofer is used with the system), it would seem that the high-power woofers would also not matter much.

But I'm speculating - for those of you who HAVE the options listed, do YOU think they're worth the money?

My opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it!