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The Axioms are available with the widest variety of finishes I've ever seen. Those options seem to come at a VERY steep price, though. With only a few changes, it's easy to up the base price of an Axiom speaker pair by 50%, 100%, or even more.

Therefore, as a potential customer, I must ask: Which of the options improve performance, and which are cosmetic?

Obviously, any change in finish is cosmetic only. A real wood veneer or a piano finish don't change the sound significantly, nor does a grille of a different color. The options I see that may (or may not) be worth paying for include:

High power woofers?
Cast woofer baskets?
Bi-wire terminals?
Outrigger feet?
Spikes if you have carpets?

Of the above, which are worth paying for and why? Which are a waste of money and why?

Obviously, Axiom considers the cast woofer baskets & bi-wire terminals to be non-functional (the web page terms them "audiophile jewelry"). I can see where the woofer baskets might not be audible, but on SOME speakers, I've found that I can hear bi-wiring.

If one doesn't play loudly (or if a subwoofer is used with the system), it would seem that the high-power woofers would also not matter much.

But I'm speculating - for those of you who HAVE the options listed, do YOU think they're worth the money?

I believe it is important to remember that with Axiom, you, fortunately, have options. Many so-called "high end" speaker companies charge a hefty premium for their products because much of that premium goes in to the aesthetics, i.e fancier cabinetry and finishes that the customer has no alternative but to pay for. With this in mind, all too often, buyers incorrectly make the assumption because it costs more and looks better than it must sound better.

Axiom provides the unprecedented number of superior aesthetic choices of finish for the customer, if they want them, while, at the same time, always making it clear that in no way are you sacrificing any sound quality because you have chosen to not spend the extra money on upgrades and stick with the basic finish.

Ultimately, contrary to the above example I mentioned, Axiom provides the option that no matter the model you choose to buy, you won't have to pay for fancier cabinetry if you don't want it.

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