I've been putting it off for several years, and now I'm ready to upgrade. Going from an M22/VP150/QS8/EP350 system to (likely) an M80/VP180/keeping the QS8s/moving the M22s to the rear position/unknown as yet which sub 7.1 system.

Here's where I'm having trouble deciding, mostly. I ran the old system on a Denon AVR-2805. It was fine, and it will be re-purposed elsewhere, but it's hopelessly obsolete (no HDMI, no network, no Airplay or other streaming capabilities, etc) and a bit underpowered for the new room and attendant upgraded. I'm looking into the Emotiva stuff, especially the separates, and am wondering what folks here that use or have used Emotiva gear think? It has the appearance of being in that sweet spot of good value for performance and features for the price before you get into the $5k-plus-per-component level, which is not where I want to go.

It seems to me that separates, especially if I pick up solid amps with plenty of power, will insulate me somewhat from obsolescence. Technology passes me by? Get a new pre/pro and hook it into my still-solid amps! What do you think?

"That's some catch, that Catch-22." "It's the best there is." M22ti VP150 EP350 QS8 M3Ti