I have two Oppo's... A BDP 83 and a BDP 93. I have done some quick internet searches on the what it would take to modify them to play regions other that the US. It appears as if it will cost me about $75 - $150 each.

I rarely, if ever have a need for this. Well I should say, I have not YET.... I was about to buy the complete Misses Brown's Boys blue ray series, but can't find them in any format other than region 2 (UK). So that lead to me surfing the Oppo blogs, realizing these players only play Region 1. Heck, I didn't even know about all these different regions and restrictions until about a week ago..... Never ran into this I guess.

So now I'm looking to spend at least $75 to watch a $50 boxes set of Bluerays. That just pisses me off. Figured it was worth asking this forum for some other options.