About a year ago I upgraded my surrounds to QS-8's and added an HSU Sub. My front three speakers were M22's and the center channel a VP-150. I really like the sound but wonder what I would gain from going to M60's up front and the VP-160 center. If I were to only go with one of the two which would be better to start with? I am really looking for more what I call mid-base. Not room shaking LFE but more the sound you seem to get in action movies when someone fires a machine gun (usually it looks like an AK-47 that has that blunt but low frequency report as opposed to the sharper crack of an M-16). I am sure that either rifle has the sound added in as foley or whatever but this is the area I'd like to see improved.

My room is not real large. A family room maybe 15' by 15' with 9 foot ceilings it is open in the back to the kitchen. I'll post a pic if I have one online.

All speakers powered by a Yamaha RX-V675 or maybe a 677.


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