Hi all,

I am looking for advice on retrofitting my office sound system. I will be soon be in renovation mode and I want to upgrade the sound. If anyone has opinions or links to information about the pros and cons of what type of system to run in an office I would appreciate hearing them.

The office is a fairly standard doctor`s office with a main reception area that is open and about 25 X 25` and 4 treatment rooms of 10`X 10` in size. I currently run Tidal HiFi from the computer to a standard Sony receiver with speaker A going to the reception area speakers (4) and speaker B going to the treatment room speakers (4 in total so it is mono back there!). They are all 8 ohm and it sounds just okay for an office. I want a lot more oomph for when I am doing paperwork!

My main research starting point is whether to stick with 8 ohm (and consider the Axiom ceiling speaker) or go with a 70V system?

My next thought is whether to find ceiling speakers that are stereo in one speaker (two tweeters) or go with two speakers per room (which adds to the cost)?

Maybe I should just move my Axiom M100s to the reception room and party all day!