I know that I don't have the funds right not to really consider ceiling speakers. I have 4 older Energy Take5 satellite speakers that I will mount for heights in the front and rear until I can afford to replace them with something better.

But I am a believer in you need to get the basics done right, so that means the 7.1 speakers. I right now have a QS8 for side surrounds giving me 5.1 I want to get the 7.1 installed so I either need to buy 2 more speakers, or sell the QS8's and buy new speakers. But what.

If I am going to do it, do it right. Would the wall mount M2's be enough, our move up to the M3's. What about the M22's
What Speakers for Atmos
Only one choice allowed (13 total votes)
QS for side & M3 for rear - 3 (23%)
QS speakers both side and rear - 4 (31%)
M3 speakers both side and rear - 4 (31%)
M22 all around - 2 (15%)
Atmos - Who needs it. my TV speakers sound good - 0 (0%)
Voting on this poll ends: 04/26/16 03:29 PM
Anthem: AVM60
Axiom: ADA1000, LFR1100, VP180, QS8, EP500, M3, M3comp
AudioSource: Amp One/A