A few months ago, Cam shared with me the state of his 1994 wheel-chair-accessible van. I suggested that someone experienced in such things should make him a GO FUND ME page. Well, a friend of his just did.

Next, I asked Ian and Amie if it would be OK for me to make a link on a post here to his GoFundMe.com page. Their response was, "...great idea..." so here it is.

Cam has been a Forum member for 10 years. He went to great lengths to be part of Axiom's 30th anniversary weekend in Dwight. The word "community" is used here quite often. Here's our chance to show we mean it.

Without a special van, Cam can't get to medical appointments, which I'm sure you can imagine are grueling, mandatory, and frequent. Needless to say, he won't be able to go anywhere.

Of course, any contribution is equally appreciated.

You're all very lucky that Ian and Amie OK'd this, or I was going to start a PM-blitzkrieg campaign that would have given YOU amnesia!

As Cam would say, "Linky:"

Cam's Wheelchair Accessible Van -GoFundMe

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