The animation movies have come a long way. I remember back in 94 when Pixar announced it was doing a 100% computer animated feature film. Everyone in the film industry said it would fail as there was no way they could pull it off. I knew Pixar as I had been working with their Renderman application and knew the software could pull it off.

The movie was a smash. They pulled off the same wonder for Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, Incredibles, Wall-E, Up. Inside Out. But I guess for all the successes there have been some major duds too.

What I find disappointing is that many of the movies fall well short in the engaging story line and just rely on special effects to try and fill the gap.

I personally wish that Hollywood release only 1/3 the number of films but actually spent the time and effort to make those they do have something worth watching.

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