Greetings Axiomites! I snagged a tasty refurb deal on a pair of M80 V4's, which are getting the HP treatment before shipping out next Monday. Kudos to Debbie for kindly meeting my various requests - Axiom's customer service has certainly met its outstanding reputation.

My M80HP's are replacing some Polk Monitor 70's, which were in service about 6yrs and were (probably by far) my weakest link 'til now. They'll be powered in bi-amp mode by a Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH (older but fairly beefy A/B direct-energy AVR, weighing in at 30lbs), and movies will get help from a Polk CS2 center, Emotiva ERD-1 surrounds, and taint-tickling help from a HSU VTF-15H.

A few questions:
- I know the Pioneer AVR is 4-ohm stable, but will it provide enough oomph for the M80HP's to be a quantum leap up from the Polks? I've read a lot on both speaker models, each of which are great speakers for the money... But the Axioms are 4x the money!
- My home does not have a dedicated listening/HT room, so my speakers will unfortunately sit 4-6" from the TV wall, flanking my HT cabinet at roughly 7' spacing, 10' from the primary listening position... So they'll basically be quarter-space loaded. How many ports on the M80's should I plug to tighten up the low-end response?
- Timbre-matching is nice for HT duty, but the only Axiom center that would fit in my cabinet is the VP100, and for the $$ I'm not sure it would be much of an improvement over the Polk until I can go much larger with different furniture. In fact, the CS2 digs nearly an octave deeper than the VP100 to help match the M80's. Besides, the comb filtering debate raging over the multiple-tweeter center channel models has me wishing Axiom would offer something similar to the VP160, but with a more compact form factor. Perhaps a "VP170" with WMTMW configuration is in order, with rear ports and the MTM in a triangle layout that would both eliminate comb filtering while shrinking H/W to something like 9/22" respectively.
- I do have a Pioneer SC-1522-K AVR in the bedroom which likely produces more power with its Class "D3" topology. Although not in the specs, its sell sheet lists 720W "Multi ch Simultaneous Drive", which is similar to how the current Pioneer SC-95 is spec'd. The spec'd 4-ohm output is nearly identical between these models as well. I've been debating swapping these receivers, but am more likely to do so if the SC-1522-K would be a better fit for the Axioms.
- Where would my $$ be best directed next? Not that I'm itching to spend - I've been very happy with my setup as-is, but have thought it's time for some "big boy" mains for a few years now. I'm probably 50/50 HT/music and do some critical listening.

Looking forward to getting my M80HP's, and thereby hopefully reinventing my critical listening experience! Many thanks in advanced for your time and consideration.