I'm planning to buy some speakers for my den. 2 bookshelves.... no room for a sub.

I have been looking at used paradigm 10,20,40 on ebay. I already have an axiom HT system and thought i should try something else for this room plus i really like the looks of the paradigm speakers.

... but still the value conscious part of me is considering the M3. Are there good threads you guys can point me to comparing M3 to some of the paradigm speakers listed?

Also as far as AMP goes. I am considering the monoprice tube amp. I would love to hear opinions on this as well.

Eventually I may want to use Sonos through out my house so I am also considering the ZP120 to drive the speakers, but I may want to hold off on sonos for a while since it seems they may be due for a big upgrade. Recent articles on sonos indicate they will be getting into voice controlled devices.

w22s, w150, qs8s, ep500 HT
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