I have been listening to both sets of speakers for the past few days. Unfortunately one of the Axioms came damaged (cosmetically only).

The axiom speakers are a little louder so when trying to compare them i have to take the time to adjust each pair of speakers with an SPL meter. To my untrained ears there is not a night and day difference between peachtree and axiom.

Over the next 2 weeks i hope to have a clear winner, but as of right now the only thing i really see is the difference in bass and highs. The axiom bass is a little louder, but not as tight. The Highs are also a little ... for a lack of a better word... higher.... although this makes me want to turn the volume down a bit when listening to them. Both sound similarly good to me and I would be happy with either.

PeachTree 65se, PeachTree D5 and SVS SB1000 - Stereo
M80s, M22s, SVS PB3000