After plugging the Axiom Air in and turning it off I smelt a burning smell and a little smoke came out in close proximity from the power button. Afterward I could get no sound out of it but could still connect to it and everything.

I don't know what to do with this thing. Every time I talk to someone they tell me they are going to send me a new one and that they want this one back but its been about a month 2 phone calls, 2 emails, a voice mail and numerous times trying to call later with no actions being taken. I guess its my loss for backing the kickstarter but I was hoping I could at least pay to get this thing fixed but now I can't even get ahold of anyone.

Previously I've bought 4 QS8v3, 2 M22v3, 2 M22v4, 1 VP150v3, 1 EP500v3 and multiple stands and mounts