Hi guys, in the process of finishing my basement and building a small home theater. Everything is studded out now, insulation and sheet rock is scheduled for mid-December. Looking for some advice on speaker placement (drawing below). I want to do 7.1. The room is wide open and there is no dividing wall under the I-Beam, so the surround left will have to be mounting to the ceiling and angled downward with axioms brackets. In fact I will mount all the surrounds that way so it look uniform. I would put up a wall and divide the theater from the rest of the room, but worried everything will just looked to cramped. The basement isn't that large. I no it's not ideal, but I should be okay with the QS8's...right? Also, is the distance between the surround backs to close to the couch and side back speakers? Appreciate any advice you can spare. Thanks!

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