Yesterday we launched the AxiomAir as a standalone component to turn your existing system into an AxiomAir and as an option in all of our integrated amps. As an added bonus for the next week we are including a free pair of M3 speakers with every purchase of one of these components.

The AxiomAir RP1 includes the Pi computer and High Res DAC in its own metal chassis with RCA outputs on the rear to plug into your existing receiver or pre-amp. Now your system will work with AirPlay and UPnP plus you can AxiomAir UI to play songs on a USB drive or on your NAS. The options for the RP1 are a rack mount front panel and/or microphone inputs for Karaoke or announcements. The Karaoke option includes our proprietary anti-feedback circuit. Now you can have a Karaoke party and not worry about how loud you turn it up; you will not experience any feedback; it is truly amazing!

We have two series of integrated amps; the ZA-100 and ZA-1000. The ZA-100 series is 100 watts per channel and the ZA-1000 series is 250 watts per channel. These are available as a straight 2-channel integrated amplifier or have the option to expand it up to 8-channels. Each set of channels has its own volume control as well as a master volume for all of them. You can now add the AxiomAir as an option to these integrated amps.

We also have a straight pre-amp version with two to eight channels for connecting to one of our ADA series separate amplifiers.

Enter the code WIRELESS in the Gift Certificate box at checkout and you will be able to choose your free pair of M3 speakers; all the configurations are available to choose from.

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Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer