I've been trying to ignore this market for a couple years now.....

I'm not risk-averse, but not a big risk taker either. Risk verse reward kinda guy really. The potential upside is too alluring to ignore.

I started studying this market about three months ago, and decided to jump in. Only enough money that I could stand to lose. I was lucky enough double my initial investment in 48 hours, so I moved 50% of that out to a secure fund. Now I'm playing with pure earnings.

My gut tells me this market will eventually go mainstream, and now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Payback could be substantial. It could also tank in a moment though too. This is definitely not a market to jump into unless you can stomach the huge swings.

I don't like this because it's so alien to me. It's incredibly volatile, and the markets never sleep. I don't understand blockchain either. I've read a few different articles on the internet and am trying to get more informed on this. Problem is, I don't know what to believe, or if there is a good unbiased place to learn.

Might anyone here have some suggestions? I'm betting some of the 'tech' guys here have been playing this market and have some advice?