I can understand how people might not feel they can replace a speaker driver even when given tools & support - it's one of the reasons I moved out of the city, because the idea of people like that raising children made me despair - but even so the vendor would only be responsible for returning and replacing one speaker as "cost of support".

One could argue that shipping one speaker both ways costs the same as shipping both speakers one way, but in the first case the vendor would still have the sale.

I see two workable options:

1. If the driver is truly defective then vendor pays for return shipping; if not then customer pays. Practically this means customer pays up front and vendor refunds if the driver is found to be defective.

2. Split the difference - customer and vendor each pay half. Rationale here is that one speaker is being "returned as defective" while the other is being returned "because customer changed their mind".

The second option seems both simpler and easier to explain.

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