Just moved into a recently purchased house, and currently determining speaker placement locations. I've been an owner of Axioms for over 10 years now, however I've been using GoldenEar Triton Ones and Super Center XXL for about three years now for LCR, but kept my pair of QS8s for side surrounds for a 5.2 setup. Now that I have a new place with about nine feet of space between the listening position and the back wall, I'd like to make it a 7.2 setup (possibly Atmos in the future).

I originally wanted to get more GoldenEar speakers to have all speakers matching (minus the subs) but I've found after keeping the QS8s this whole time that I've enjoyed listening to them. Also, they are a very capable surround speaker with a design that suits the room they'll be located in.

My question is, how do I wall mount, indicated in the included pictures, to give the QS8 a placement that's level and pointed near the listening position? The Full Metal bracket looks like it would work, but it doesn't appear that it would be able to turn all of the way without hitting the wall. I need a way to extend the speaker outward and then turn it to the listening position. Drilling into the stone fireplace is not an option. [img:left]https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K0dpq-j7EHO9OZuPzyF0_RMXNG4eJTCV[/img] Suggestions? Thanks.

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