Pulling the trigger on a new 7.1.4 HT setup for my basement in the next few days. Room dimensions are about 23' long, 13' wide, with 7.5' ceilings. My wife doesn't like to see speakers, so i'll be going in-wall as much as possible. Any issues with these selections?

  • Fronts: M5HP In-wall
  • Center: VP180 (Standard)
  • Sub: EP500
  • Surrounds: M3 In-Wall
  • Overhead: M3 In-ceiling
  • Receiver: AVR-X4400H (powering surrounds/ceiling)
  • Amp: ADA1000 3-channel (powering L/C/R)
  • TV: Vizio P-series Quantum 65" (if they ever show up in Canada)

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Axiom M5HP,VP180,M3,ADA1000
Anthem MRX 720
SVS SB-3000 (dual)