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You don't need the 180. You won't miss anything with the 160v4. You can also get that in an in-wall.

As for your in-wall constraint, poor you!

Thoughts on the VP160 mini? If I go with the VP160 instead of VP180, I'd likely have to put it below the tv in media cabinet. Fitting the full-width VP160 would be a struggle in there.

While the VP180 would be cool, but it's such a beast that my wife would likely freak. I also prefer the idea of the more central, tightly focused output from the VP160.

With the VP160 mini, it would cost a whopping $77 to upgrade to the 6.5" High Powered woofers (a match to the woofers in the M5HP in-walls that I'm using on the left and right).

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