So I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of LFR1100's and an ADA1500-4 to drive them, and traded in a few of the speakers I had accumulated along the way.

At the time I ordered I hadn't realized that the optional XLR version of the DSP also included RCA in/out - thought it was one OR the other and my pre-amp doesn't have balanced outputs.

Predictably, I'm on the fence now re: whether it's worth upgrading to the XLR/RCA version so that I can run balanced cables between DSP and amplifier.

My first thought was "I don't live in a high-electrical-noise environment and the cable runs will be short" but that was quickly replaced with "it would be nice if I could keep most of the equipment closer to listening position, put the amp on the floor or a low stand between the speakers, and run 10-15 foot cables from the DSP to the amp.

Any suggestions on this ? Are any of you using balanced connections in their audio system today ? Am I better off with long DSP-to-amp cables or amp-to-speaker cables ? Am I over-thinking this ?


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