Hi, all. I have a new EP500 sub to go with my M80’s, QS4’s, and VP150. I want to re-run Audyssey for the new sub. using my Denon 4310 ci receiver. Any suggestions on settings at the sub or within Denon? Specifically, I do not know what the subsonic filter is - should it be off during setup? And what level do I set the sub crossover? Any suggestions or advice will be welcomed! I would like to have everything done right so I only run audyssey one time. Also, I believe audyssey says to put the sub’s volume to 1/2 way up. That seems high to me. But what do y’all think? Music and m/c hi-rez in particular is what matters most to me, but I do enjoy good movies and tv using the receiver, so would like to get the most from my system. Thanks in advance!