Hello folks! I'm looking for some input on my current vs possible future setup.

I run m60/vp160 on walls around a 110" projector screen. Looks and sounds pretty great! However, I find myself seeking further perfection. I am wondering what I could expect if I traded in my m60/vp160 OW's for three in-wall M5HP's that would be placed behind a 135" acoustic transparent screen.

I have zero experience with the in wall variations. Obviously I will be going from dual standard 6.5" drivers to a single HP 6.5". I am more concerned with a potential loss of sound quality do to the in wall enclosure? Are they plastic? Smaller cabinet volume?

Obviously my OW's already suffer from low end roll off due to their smaller cabinets. But they still pack a punch and offer fantastic mids and highs. I previously ran OW M22's and a OW vp150 and these were a huge improvement adding some much needed depth and mids.

I trust that Axiom knows what they are doing, but I am just looking for some feedback regarding these m5 in walls. Maybe even someone that has experience with both the IW and OW variations? I do not require much below 80hz as I run dual UM18's that handle the lows with ease. Just don't want to take a step back in sound quality if I go with the M5HP's.

I also power my LCR and qs8 surrounds with a Outlaw Model 5000 Amp.

Thanks for any input or advice!

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