Several years ago, about the time I purchased my first axiom gear, I sold custom modular homes into a niche market and things were pretty good for a while. We banked a fair bit of cash, bought a nice home, etc.
In 2014/15 the economy tanked and I was forced to choose between the life we had built here while things were good or starting over with the company 4 hours away.
I chose the safe bet and we stayed put.
Two years ago I was offered a similar position here with a new company but that quickly died as my competition cried wolf...I was too close to their sales territory and the factory pulled the plug on us.
Fast forward to two weeks ago and I received a formal letter from the first employer hoping I'd pick up and move the 4 hours previously mentioned.
I really miss the job. The people. The income potential.
The potential to design my next home, theater(s),etc.
Seems like a no brainer until we go back to we have a good life here, all except the income potential.
Theres is no chance to get anywhere near the income I had on my current career path.
Things have been pretty grim, not sure I can afford to mess anything up on a gamble.
So, anonymity (false sense, lol) out the window, would you start over knowing it could literally fall apart and you'd be 4 hours from home?

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