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#205781 - 04/28/08 11:24 AM QS surround placement in an L-shaped room?
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Where would be the best place for surrounds in an L shaped room given that the short wall ends before the listening position? The problem is that I cannot mount the left surround on a wall unless it was before the listening position. I considered moving the couch forward but the TV is a 65" HD and is currently 10' from the middle couch position. I don't want to be closer.

I have a bmp but don't see how to attach it here in the forum (it's local & not via a web link).

If you take your right hand and point your index in the air (i.e. "we're #1") and extend the thumb you have a backwards L. My TV, front speakers and sub are at the top of the index finger. The short wall is on the left and ends BEFORE the listening position. The right wall extends all the way to the rear. The viewing portion of the room (i.e. the L minus the thumb) is 10' x 21'.

The three options as I see it are:
1. Place the left surround on a stand and mount the right on the wall parallel to the listening position & of equal to the left that is on a stand.
2. Suspend both surrounds from the ceiling parallel to the listening position.
3. Place both surrounds on stands directly behind the couch at the corner on stands.

#205797 - 04/28/08 12:46 PM Re: QS surround placement in an L-shaped room? [Re: Wish]
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My room is a huge L-shaped room and my Q's are ceiling mounted. Only the left surround has a wall behind it..

Here is an old pic from 3-4 years ago when I had the mansfield beech speakers. It only shows the right and right/rear Q's.

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#205808 - 04/28/08 01:45 PM Re: QS surround placement in an L-shaped room? [Re: SirQuack]
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Given a similar situation I would opt for cieling mounting.

#205812 - 04/28/08 02:00 PM Re: QS surround placement in an L-shaped room? [Re: DaveG]
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OK, next question then regarding ceiling mounts would be how to route the wire to the mount.

Routing wire to the short wall is pretty easy as the other side of that wall is the laundry room. The long wall is a problem as the other side is outside the house. How would one go from the receiver (by the TV at the top of the L) to the ceiling mounted surround? Of course I could always just run it along the floor to where the surround and then up the wall but who wants speaker wire showing in plain day from floor up the wall to a speaker? Certainly not my wife (nor I for that matter)!

I'm pretty handy but usually need advice on how to attack. Once I have a plan I can implement.

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#205830 - 04/28/08 03:33 PM Re: QS surround placement in an L-shaped room? [Re: Wish]
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I usually tell people to remove their floor molding and run it in the space under the drywall. You can even carve it a bit if it's too close to the floor as it will all be hidden when you put the molding back. It's then usually not hard to fish it up to the hole where the box, wall plate or speaker will hang from on the wall.

However, you have the additional challenge of getting it across the ceiling. What's above the ceiling? If it's attic space, you are laughing. Run it up a wall into the attic and go wherever you need to go. If it's another level of living space, I can't see how you will get to mid ceiling without cutting a hole where the ceiling meets the wall to restart the fishing process and possibly drill through the beam that is likely there.

All that said, you might be a good case for the flat wire I hear mentioned from time t time.
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