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#267884 - 08/02/09 12:38 AM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: tomtuttle]
SirQuack Offline
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Interesting, I've been around these parts for some time, and most of us give credit where credit is due. In fact, many of the regulars on this forum don't even own Axiom speakers or have owned many of the other brands you mention in the past. No reason to bash other brands like members on AVSforum like to do all the time, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
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#267885 - 08/02/09 12:38 AM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: tomtuttle]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Klipsch trolls, not the first time, not the last, they like to pop in every now and then.
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#267886 - 08/02/09 12:42 AM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: BlueJays1]
pmbuko Offline
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Actually, Klipschtroll was the development name of the famous Klipschorn speakers. Fortunately, someone on the engineering team spoke English and got them to change it prior to release.

(This joke would work better if troll in German and English didn't have the exact same meaning and spelling.)
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#267892 - 08/02/09 08:31 AM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: EJB]
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Accuracy...forget it?????? What?!?!
You are honestly expecting people to believe Klipsch are not accurate unless in an outdoor setting? That is an utterly ridiculous statement, especially from an "expert".

Nah, read what someone posts before you blast someone like Alan. He didn't say Klipsch's aren't accurate unless they're in an outdoor setting. He said, in his opinion, that Klipsch's aren't accurate, PERIOD. That's indoors, outdoors or wherever they are! \:D So, don't shoot from the hip when rushing to defend your speakers... because, you see, it makes YOUR statement ridiculous.

I was considering an Axiom speaker purchase until I started reading this forum, it seems to me that, although I realize these forums are answered by Axiom owners and "experts" that are on the payroll, people really seem to indicate Axiom is the best speaker ever made,and all others are "crap" I really do not think ANY speaker company can honestly state they are the "best".

Oh really?? You don't think ANY speaker company states they're the best? Here's one off the top of my head.
Check it out.
Many speaker companies make bold claims. It's up to you to figure it out.

Now, I haven't decided whether you're a troll or not (Sorry Tom, I couldn't help feeding this one. \:\/ ), because the rest of what you say I agree with. Perhaps you're too biased to accurately perceive what you read on this forum. It's an Axiom forum after all, and the folks here like their speakers. I've never read any posts from users here even suggesting that Axioms are the best speaker made. Ever.

Best they've ever heard? Yes. Best value in speakers? Sure, people have stated that... but there's no bad mouthing of other competent speaker companies that I've read.. just honest assessments of pros and cons, and great people.

You're welcome here and are of course entitled to your opinion, but barging in from the start attempting to bash Axiom staff based on statements that were never made to bolster your position is just CRAP, IMO. It's a fair-minded, fun forum. I wouldn't visit daily if it wasn't!

Once in a while, certain people make me burst from my shell. \:D

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#267898 - 08/02/09 11:30 AM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: pmbuko]
Adrian Offline

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\:D Klipschtroll! good one Peter, although I think the Brits might have considered the name KlipschOgre in keeping with tradition.
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#268329 - 08/05/09 04:17 PM Re: Axiom M60 vs Klipsch F-3 [Re: Adrian]
Stereoguy99 Offline

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Hi: I rarely get irked enough by people like EJB to respond(I could be very creative coming up with what those initials stand for \:\) but I won't) but I had to respond to his comments .I've had the pleasure to meet Alan a few times when he was one of the editor's of the old Canadian version of "Sound & Vision"magazine so I think someone who has several decades of audio experience knows from were he speaks!!! I've always found Alan to be unbiased and informative, but most important very helpful in my decision making process about audio/video purchases.It is one thing to disagree with someone's opinion but implied personal attacks(however subtle they may be is bull%#$).By the way where are you hiding after so many people have rebuffed your comments EJB???? There I feel better I'm off to listen to my "Best" M-60's everyone have a great night!
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