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#2690 - 04/30/02 04:16 PM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
CAV104 Offline

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Just thought I'd let you know that I received a pair of FO 60s about 3 weeks ago. They were double boxed and arrived in perfect condition. The strofoam packing was cracked but was held in place by the packaging. You may want to consider how you unpack the speakers when they arrive. I found it best to remove the box from the speaker vs. removing the speaker from the box.

Jim / CAV104

#2691 - 04/30/02 08:48 PM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
Randyman Offline

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Aloha, CAV104

Glad to hear your 60s arrived in good shape - mine did too. And I found the same for getting them out of the box. Flip it over and remove the box - too much effort required to pull them out of the box!!!



#2692 - 05/01/02 11:46 AM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
alan Online   content


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Hi Randyman,

Meant to get back to you on your mid-April comparison of the M50s and M60s. Excellent, detailed review. I've not been able to do that comparison of the M50s and M60s yet, but from the differences you point out, it sounds like exactly the differences I heard in my A/B comparisons of the M3ti and the M22ti, the latter being much more detailed and neutral through the midrange and highs and the former (the M3ti) being "mellower" and softer.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#2693 - 05/01/02 09:28 PM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
Randyman Offline

Registered: 03/29/02
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Loc: Honolulu, Hawaii

Thanks for the complement and info on your experiences. In truth, I was surprised to hear so much difference in the two. I expected them to sound more similar. But your equating of your experience to mine pretty much nails it.

At times I really struggle trying to put into words what I hear (or don't). I guess I should try harder to memorize those descriptions from "Stereophile" that HOLOGRAM mentioned several weeks ago!

I enjoy reading your posts and insights to all the topics brought up on the board. Please keep them coming.

Thanks again,

#2694 - 05/23/02 07:03 PM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
fhw Offline

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Just came by this post even though it was weeks ago. Great review! Right now I'm using M3s as the fronts, but I'm getting imminently closer to buying a pair of towers for the front. Naturally, the choice is boiling down to M50s or M60s.

My wife and I listen to a wide range of music (well, scratch wife listens to a wide range of music, I listen to rock when she's not around). Almost zero is "critical listening" i.e. paying close attention to imaging, etc. since we tend to putter around the apartment when the stereo's on. What I really love about the M3 is that because it's a little on the mellow side (as is my receiver, the Arcam AVR100), I can play music in the background for hours on end without any listening fatigue at all.

Do you find yourself getting any fatigue with the M60, notwithstanding the added detail and improved imaging? Did you try either speaker with movies? How did the M50 do with opera or classical music i.e. are major orchestral elements "missing" from what's in the mix?

I appreciate the advice from your first-hand experience.


#2695 - 05/23/02 09:42 PM Re: M50s vs M60s - a personal review
Randyman Offline

Registered: 03/29/02
Posts: 184
Loc: Honolulu, Hawaii
Thanks for the complement!

My 60s anchor my 5.1 HT system, and I often listen (in 2 channel mode) to classic rock, classical and some jazz. (I am not an opera fan) on both CD and vinyl. I listened to music and DD DVDs on both speakers. And I can honestly say that for HT, the differences in the speakers did not seem all that great. (probably due to the fact that much of the critical vocals come from the center channel) My critical listening/comparing came from 2 channel stereo (with my sub turned off)

I am very familiar with the listening fatigue problem that you mention. That is why I cannot stand to listen to a horn loaded midrange (or mid/tweeter) in a speaker. It sounds great for about 5 minutes, then YEOUCH! My ears go flat and the sound becomes almost painful to listen to.

In all honesty, I will say that certain music tends to have that effect on the 60s. I think it's more the Pop music that was recorded "hot" with emphasis on midrange. Since the 60s have so much more "presence" than the 50s(my opinion/description), then I believe this recording effect is exagerated. I accepted that small amount of that effect because the high frequencies were so clean, crisp and clear (is this a speaker - or a beer advertisement?) And I just love sparkling highs! (aaahhhmen) And I think the extra driver and crossover point in the 60s is what makes such a critical difference from the 50s. Yes the 50s still DO sound good. But they ARE more softer and/or mellow. So many singers voices do not "stand out" as much. But its really not muffled.

I will give you similar advice that I used to give young GIs when I used to sell stereo equipment in Germany. Since you admit that you seldom set down and "really listen to music" and evaluate the sound as a critic, then your evaluation choices are different from someone who does. My advice was: don't spend the money if it really isn't that important to you. Do worry about what someone else thinks. Do what makes you happy. You would very likely be happy with either. The 50s cost less, weigh less, are a bit smaller and are slightly less precise (accurate) in sound and imaging (to ME!) BUT if you don't have a pair of 60s to compare them too, I don't think you would know that!

I hope this helps you. But if you have other questions/concerns, I will be glad to answer/offer help in any way I can.



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