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#282487 - 12/15/09 07:02 AM My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2
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Hello all, this is my first post on the Axiom Audio forums. Some quick info about me for those interested: I'm a computer engineer by trade and a former musician (nothing professional... just college =P).

I just received my M3 V2 bookshelves last week and Iv'e gotta say I'm very impressed with their sound. I bought them for my computer room and so far they are fantastic.

Compared with my other bookshelves which are imho the best speakers I have ever had, these speakers sound almost amazingly similar. The M3's ability to focus the center image is immaculate, very much comparable to my mains. However, I did notice that on some musical selections certain bass frequencies tend to sound more pronounced than others. Additionally, they exhibit a slightly colored sound to some percussion instruments (maybe even muffled sometimes). Lastly, though these speakers are very detailed, delineating certain instruments from some musical favorites is sometimes a muddy affair.

Having said this, I've gotta say that the perceived artifacts are very minor. I wholeheartedly agree with the professional reviews linked on the Axiom product pages. These speakers are an unbelievable steal. I would certainly buy them again if I needed a new pair.

This is not, however, my first Axiom Audio speaker purchase... I've purchased the QS8's previously and I am very pleased to have those also. I did notice that the quality between my QS8's and the M3 V2's are not exactly the same. Although both are sturdy and solid, the fit and finish of my new M3's are not up to par with my QS8's. There is noticeable glue along the edges of the unit, probably to hold down the simulated wood veneer to the mdf. The mid range drive units also have a copious amount of glue outlining the rubber surround which is rather clumpy and not very clean(my mid range drive units in the QS8's were much better). The housing for the rear banana plug terminals was also not flush with the back panel, (one of the screws actually penetrated too deep and dug into the housing a little too far). Lastly, the tweeters used in my QS8's and the M3's don't physically appear to be the same. The tweeters in my M3 V2's are somewhat shiny and appear to be coated with something while the tweeter's in my QS8's look dull and are not as reflective.

I'm nitpicking for sure because they sound amazing. I would have loved to have the same quality as my QS8's but at $330.00 US for the pair, I am still a satisfied customer.

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#282491 - 12/15/09 07:32 AM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: Music]
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Welcome aboard! You mau want to take pictures of the anomalies you noticed and post them here so we can see if it warrants sending the info to Axiom's customer support.
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#282495 - 12/15/09 07:53 AM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: EFalardeau]
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I've already decided that I am going to keep them so I'm going to pass on posting pictures. My meticulous attention to detail may just end up upsetting some of the other forum members lol. I've worked in QA before so my eye(and ear) for details is somewhat of a closer tolerance than others...

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#282498 - 12/15/09 09:17 AM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: Music]
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Welcome, you will find most of us would have the same talents.
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#282505 - 12/15/09 10:44 AM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: SirQuack]
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Welcome to the forums Music.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the M3's. You should take some pictures of the issues you have with the build quality and send them off to Axiom. Nitpicking or not, they should be let aware of this type of feedback from customers. Did you order these from the factory outlet?
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#282508 - 12/15/09 11:25 AM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: BlueJays1]
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I agree that you should talk to Axiom about the issues with the build quality. I'm sure they'll take care of you. Also, welcome. I don't have M3s, but I've always been curious how they sound. I think I may end up with the outdoor version at some point.

#282533 - 12/15/09 02:34 PM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: CV]
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I would definitely talk to CS about your M3's. You know somewhere down the road, those small things will end up nagging at you.

I have M3's as well, and do agree that some percussion end up sounding a little fat sometimes. Are you listening to the M3's in the nearfield? I was thinking that you could try and reposition them in the room to see if it makes a difference with the slightly muddy bass, but usually the listener is close up with computer speakers so the room is less of a factor.

#282558 - 12/15/09 05:45 PM Re: My First Axiom Bookshelves - M3 V2 [Re: Music]
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Yes, I am using the M3's in the nearfield position. I dunno guys, I'm of the old way of thinking. You know the saying, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it". In this case, the sound of the speakers aren't necessarily broken. As I said, they do sound amazing. The cosmetic blemishes are noticeable if you do close inspection but I keep the grills on and I'm mostly looking at the monitor and listening to the speakers. I purchased these as new units and not from the outlet.

What's important is that these speakers sound good and that's so far been good enough for me! Thanks for all the comments!


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