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#295737 - 03/09/10 11:43 PM other online speaker companies and Axiom
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
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Ok so we all want to know what is the best 5.1-7.1 system for X dollars. I keep reading about companies like Axiom, DCM, Outlaw and the other usual suspects that have some highly reviewed system setups that the online audio site just rave about. Is all that high praise real, or are they getting something in return for such reviews?

I've been a fan from afar of Axiom for many years, and Outlaw use to be all the rage on some sites several years ago. Since it is hard for most of us to listen to such speakers, what can we really do?

I don't want to buy speakers, keep them for a month to test them, and then have to possibly return them, and then start the process all over.

It seems one can save a good amount of money buying direct. So should we listen to the hype and buy site unseen (or unlistened)? I've heard B&W, Paradigm and the usual crew of speakers, and many say Axiom are just as good, if not better (especially for the money). Can these direct online companies really compete and provide the same level of quality and sound?

#295740 - 03/10/10 12:00 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: sawyer1370]

Are you asking and looking for a definitive answer or asking in a more rhetorical sense?

I'm sorry, but if having speakers sent to your home to audition is "too hard," then you'll simply need to close your eyes and take a leap of faith with one company. Driving around from shop to shop all around town or state is not going to be easier than having them shipped right to your door. With all due respect, what else do you want??

Normally, I'd say "No, don't listen to the hype and do not buy site unseen." but you may need to do just that if you are unable or unwilling to a) drive around to hear them yourself or b) take advantage of the free 30 day in home trial.

Sound is subjective; what you like others may not. The best thing you can do for yourself is to test the speaker (from any company) in your actual home environment.

#295753 - 03/10/10 01:23 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: ]
Ken.C Offline
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htnut hasn't been around all that long, but his advice is quite sound.
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#295754 - 03/10/10 01:29 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: Ken.C]
grunt Offline

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You’ll likely get much more comprehensive responses to this question in the AVS forum. Make sure to use the word “hype.” ;\)

Ok, no you shouldn’t post this question at AVS as it will start a flame war and probably the whole thread will get deleted. Seriously you will find a lot of opinions on this mater at AVS so doing a search over there is not a bad idea. However, if you do post such a question you will likely get treated as a troll.

Just curious what came of your previous two forays into the forum, Pardaigm vs Axiom and W22 vs M60? Also, what equipment do you own right now and why are you looking to upgrade?

As for the question of hype vs quality you do realize you are asking in an online speaker manufactures forum where most all participants have bought speakers online from this company with many also buying from other online companies and B&M stores. So I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest most people here have had good experiences buying speakers on line.

Most people you talk to would suggest you should never buy a speaker that you can’t listen to in your own room with your own equipment w/o the option to return them. How a speaker sounds in a demo room at a store may bear little resemblance to how they sound once you get them home.

The B&M dealer I was working with prior to getting Axiom brought all the speakers and equipment I was interested in to my place for a demo. He said he didn’t even want to sell me speakers w/o my hearing them in my own place first. So even if you buy locally I would only do so with the option to return the speakers after a trial period. That said it is IMO preferable to have at least a several week demo so you can get use to the speakers and have a chance to play with them for awhile before committing to keeping them.

The best thing you can do right now is stop reading peoples opinions of speakers in internet forums and start looking at the speakers you are interested in at review sights that do there own measurements. While professional reviews are not perfect they are IMO when accompanied with measurements far superior to personal opinions offered in internet forums.

If you really don’t want to demo speakers in your own home before buying then I suggest you buy from a local B&M store where you can at least hear them in the store. Alternatively, if you find something you like in a store check the used market and see if you can find someone selling what you are looking for.

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#295762 - 03/10/10 08:17 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: grunt]
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
Posts: 22
Grunt, thanks for the input, it was helpful. Yea I have read a lot of the stuff over at the avsforum. I got interested in Axiom many years ago, when the debate was Axiom vs. Rocket, and there were dedicated people in both camps.

It's not that I don't want to test speakers in my house, and then return them if I don't like them. I just don't want to do it over and over and over again. I have a friend who is an audiophile, and he loves doing it, and has 4 set ups for 2 channel now. To me, I just want great sounding speakers for movies and music, switching speakers frequently would be a bit of a pain.

I will see if there are any Axiom owners here in the Phoenix area with the M60 or M80 HT set up.

I currently have a 4 year old Pioneer Elite receiver, but want to get a new Denon receiver (4310 or 3310). So with that set up, I figure I'd be good for many years to come.

Thanks again for the input, I guess I knew what you were going to say, but needed to hear it anyway.

#295765 - 03/10/10 08:50 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: sawyer1370]
terzaghi Offline

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Where are you located? Are you aware that many axiom owners will invite people into their home for an audtition?
This is how I heard Axioms for the first time. Went home and made the purchase not long after.

#295766 - 03/10/10 09:06 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: terzaghi]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Hi sawyer1370.

For ID companies I would look into Axiom, Ascend Acoustics, Salk Sound and Aperion Audio. They are all very repectable and reputable companies that offer both quality products and service. Aperion Audio actually offers a no risk trial period (free return shipping). One ID company to stay VERY far away from is AV123. Some quick google searches will tell you why. They are an extremely high risk purchase at this time. However, don't let this scare you away from the ID companies that I recommended, they are just the bad apple and in no way these other companies exhibit any of this behaviour. Just wan't to make you as informed as possible about your future purchases.
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#295785 - 03/10/10 10:44 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: BlueJays1]
casey01 Offline

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I would definitely concur in that you really couldn't go wrong with any of these choices in price/performance. However, once again, speakers have been and always will been subjective. Personally, I don't waste my time with forums in which an individual talks about one speaker "blowing away" another in performance. This is nonsense.

Of course, this is an Axiom forum and the individuals here have their preference.

I would submit though, that you can't go wrong with a company like Axiom that has been around for almost thirty years, builds primarily "in house", offers an unprecedented number of cabinet "finishes" and a "trade-up" program should one wish to upgrade at a later date.

Speaking of the "trade-up" program, after dithering around for a year, I finally achieved my "life-long" dream in trading in a pair of M60's and a |VP150 for a pair of M80s in "high-gloss" piano black. When all was said and done, I essentially almost received, in value, what I paid for the "trade-ins" towards the new M80s.

I doubt you will EVER here of this particular feature from ANY company.

#295794 - 03/10/10 11:32 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: casey01]
Listener Offline

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I also upgraded my ep350 to the ep500. I received the full amount I paid for the 350 towards the 500. This was about 10 months after the initial purchase. Not only that, but they shipped the ep500 first and only then I shipped back the ep350. Customer Service like this is hard to find these days.

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#295795 - 03/10/10 11:44 AM Re: other online speaker companies and Axiom [Re: Listener]
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
Posts: 22
I live in the Northwest valley, outside of Phoenix, AZ. So I would love to find someone here in the Phoenix area that has either the M60 or M80 set up. I'm happy to bring the pizza and beer, and a few choice cd's and movies to play with.

Anyone know of an Axiom owner in my area?

I've been wanting Axioms for a while, cuz they have a great reputation. People rave about how great they sound, and how great the customer service is. Combine all that and the price, and I don't think I could go wrong.

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