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#305753 - 05/10/10 03:02 AM So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight?
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I'm always interested in what people's next HT purchase is, so I thought it would be nice to have one thread where people can list what has their attention at the moment. It could help bring to light products I haven't heard of before, and it would be interesting to track the trends. Maybe this thread already exists. I keep getting a sense of déjà vu when I post things lately.

The VP180 has my interest. I'm thinking I'll end up with one later this year, at least to trial. I feel like the M22 is doing its job as my center, but I'm still curious how much fuller the VP180 might sound. I'm still a little hesitant about getting a horizontal center.

I would like my next major purchase to be a projector, but I'm not sure what will be out when I'm finally able to buy one. 3D seems like fun, but I think I'd opt for a larger screen over a TV that does 3D, at least for a few generations. I still like my current TV, but 60" simply isn't keeping up with my sound system anymore. Ha ha. I don't think I'll ever spend more than $3000 on a display again. I spent $4k for my current TV, and while I like it a lot, I'd rather spend less and get newer models more regularly.

The preamp-processor I want doesn't exist yet. Ideally, I would be able to choose between Audyssey MultEQ XT or Trinnov processing in a single unit, and I would like the EQ to be able to correct up to four subs individually. I would also like to be able to run both height and wide speakers simultaneously. Obviously, if it's going to be this extreme, I'm going to want all of the other expected features. I would like 7 or more HDMI inputs. GUI as on overlay is always a plus. Media streaming with support for FLAC would be great. Downloadable firmware and feature updates. Onkyo/Integra usually comes the closest in number of features I want (at a price I can afford), but even they're not there yet.

Those are the things I want most at this point. What's on your list?

#305754 - 05/10/10 05:28 AM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: CV]
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Here’s my list Charles along with the reason I don’t have it yet.

- HDMI KVM switch. (laziness)
- Wireless Keyboard + mouse. (laziness)
- Faster internet connection. (laziness, want but don’t quite need yet)
- Swing out wall bracket for HDTV. (laziness)
- Room treatments. (laziness)
- Bass EQ system (testing one soon) ;\)
- New surround back speakers, second subwoofer. (laziness, prefer to have 11.3 receiver)
- Receiver w/ full 11.3, at least 2 saves for configurations. (cost, just bought a new receiver)
- A better network storage solution. (laziness, hating hard drives = cost)
- Telescope flocking for ceiling and edges of front speakers. (laziness)
- Black Carpet. (laziness)
- 2x20 amp dedicated power lines to media room. (laziness, don’t quite need yet)

- Midbass modules? (laziness, more important things to get)
- 1 to 3 VP180s depending on how they sound vertically? (cost, laziness, need more info)

As you can see I’m a very lazy person. The comfort zone can be deadly.
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#305755 - 05/10/10 07:15 AM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: grunt]
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I like this thread...

In the last three weeks I picked up the following:

Just upgraded my receiver: Denon 4810(had a 2808)
Blu-Ray player: Oppo BDP-83.
Line Conditioner: Panamax M5300-PM.
M2 inwall speakers.
M22 inwall speakers.

Next up on the Need/Want/Gotta have list:
1. Center Channel: VP-180(sometime in June)
2. Upgrade of my M60'S to M80'S (shortly after #1)
3. Subwoofer (after the wedding in October)
4. Universal remote (after the wedding in October)

The way I see it, by the time the year ends I will have upgraded every piece of my system except my 61"Elite..:)

#305776 - 05/10/10 09:42 AM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: HTGEEK]
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Recently purchased Axiom Algonquins.. just waiting for them to arrive.

Looking into new front speakers. Currently not happy with my Energy Veritas 2.3 On my list to audition are:

Acoustic Zen Addagio
Canton Ergo 695 DC
Focal Chorus 836V

And Axiom M80s

My cousin has a pair of M80s which I will borrow for a few days to see how they sound in my room. They sound great at his place, but totally different size / shape of room.
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#305778 - 05/10/10 09:52 AM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: HTGEEK]
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This is first year I had a more decent HT. Last year and for the past 5 years before that it was a Sony HTIB with the small satellite speakers mounted on the wall in 5.1. I plan on doing the living room with TV and my largest (12x13.5x8) bedroom with projector. Living room almost done with 3.1, ordered EP175 in Cinnamon Beech and still waiting to see if it will be sufficient. Also, I've replaced the circuit breaker box and breakers so that I have some open circuits for dedicated lines. Yet to find and add a whole house surge protector at the breaker box.

Currently in living room:
on-wall W22.
on/In wall WP100 (Would like to replace with on/In wall VP150, black oak).
EP175 on order.
Samsung 37inch LN37B550. (Would like to replace with 46-47 inch).
Pioneer STX-21THX 7.1 receiver.
Panasonic DMP-BD30 blu-ray player (Would like a newer version).
Monster HDP-1800 Power conditioner/surge protector.
Harmony 1100 remote. (Excellent remote. Works fine with 1 hand.).
(No plans for surround speakers, had to cut the cost somewhere, and have location mounting problems).
Have provided 1 20amp dedicated line for subwoofer and plan to add one more for the other equip that is hidden in another room.
Also, would like some sort of player that would hold at least 300 cd/sacd.

For bedroom HT:
W22's for LR (currently in storage).
VP180 for Center.
2 QS8 surrounds.
Either a decent Denon receiver, or a higher end Pioneer Elite than I currently have.
Oppo BD83 blu-ray player, or better.
A good 1080p projector, such as Panasonic PTAE4000u or better.
Carada screen. Biggest that will fit in room, and allow full screen use with short throw distance.
Seating for at least 3.

Satellite systems:
I also could use some small stereo for music speakers, such as M0, M2, or M3 for treadmill location, and for either side of my fireplace. But, I'm not sure about how to go about wiring these to my AVR. Possibly with some sort of A/B/C switch? Outdoor speakers for patio use. Make that an A/B/C/D switch.

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#305784 - 05/10/10 10:20 AM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: CatBrat]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Interested in at the moment..

Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm version
Beyerdynamic DT770
Cowon J3 Media Player
Studio monitors (KRK Rokit series or similarly priced Mackie monitors)
DIY subwoofer project
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#305831 - 05/10/10 12:47 PM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: BlueJays1]
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I am actually quite happy with the setup I have amassed. I suppose that at most, I might keep an eye on the latest codecs and try to stay current as the technology morphs. That - and I wouldn't mind being able to set independant crossovers as opposed to the generic 80hz for all speakers.
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#305844 - 05/10/10 01:15 PM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: BlueJays1]
Micah Offline

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Oh my 'lust list' eh? Ok, well I was just fine with my VP150 until Steve came along! (Waves fist in air while closing one eye & squinting with the other one)... So now I want to audition the VP180, expecially if the reports are true that I can get around $350 bucks for my VP150 in the trade-up program! \:D

Besides that I'm looking to get two more QS8's for the back surrounds, and possibly another two for the front height channels... Which brings me to my next lust item, either a new reciever or a pre/pro. I've always loved Denon recievers for their ablity to split up the rear surround channels into 4 separate speakers so that combined with the side surrounds you can have a total of 6 surround speakers. But now I'm also interested in the front height channels, and I would like all of this in a fairly affordable reciever (read - $700 or less) because I'm more interested in the processing capabilities than the built in power amp. I would like to get a second Emotiva XPA-3, and run my QS8's with it and get mono-blocks for my M80's & (probably) VP180.

Which brings me to my next question, I've always had a backwards idea of the way speakers used power. I thought that you sent power to a speaker, and it used whatever power you sent to it. Now, thanks to the great minds on tap here on this site (John, Fred, Chris, Dean... just to name a few), I've come to understand electricity a little better (though I'm certainly no pro just yet). The way I understand it now, the speaker is part of a loop in the circut, and it draws power from the amp as needed. So now what I'm wondering is, how much power will an M80 draw during peaks if driven at pretty much full volume? They are rated at 400 watts, so does that mean they won't ever draw more than 400 watts? Or is that just an average?

The reason I ask is because I was talking with a guy about amps and he told me if I really wanted to run them loud, without fear of clipping EVER, then I should be looking at getting at least 1000 watt mono blocks, for each speaker. And that confused me since the 80's are rated at 400 watts. Does this mean that during peaks they could draw as much as 1000 watts, or at least somewhere close to it? And if so, that much power won't damage them, will they?

With my previous understanding of the way speakers worked I always thought if you sent 500 watts to a speaker that was only rated to handle 300, you would 'blow' that speaker. But now as far as my understanding goes, the speaker will only draw as much as it's designed to draw... am I right about that? Or do I still have some stuff to learn?
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#305850 - 05/10/10 01:48 PM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: Micah]
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Currently I have:

Denon 2809
Denon BD1800
Sammy 6 series LCD
P'digm DSP3400

My wish list would be:

2nd DSP3400
a projector if I build a dedicated HT
2nd set of Q's if I build ....

My OTHER wish list is:

building my own sub(s)
Building a pair of tower speakers with Vifa/Peerless woofers and SB acoustics on top
Behringer amps and DCX2496 active crossover for towers
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#305852 - 05/10/10 01:56 PM Re: So what HT gear are you lusting for tonight? [Re: CV]
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I just want a basement. Then I want a finished basement. Only then will I start lusting for equipment.

I suppose I could lust after a 50"+ wall-mounted TV before a basement happens, though.
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