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#317704 - 08/06/10 12:24 AM Re: M22s, VP100, QS4s? [Re: Seekinganswers]
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Sure, above about 80Hz the design similarities make for a very close match. Looking at the NRC test results used by SoundStage, it appears that the M22 enclosure is tuned to about 55Hz and the M2 to about 75Hz. So the M22 should have about 20Hz more bass extension and be capable of a louder bass level because of the two drivers in operation.

Above that point the two M22 drivers would allow for greater mid-range output or lower distortion at the same level, and the NRC graphs do show more distortion in the M2s there although the frequency response is essentially identical. However, as the NRC points out in their description of their procedures, this distortion measurement is taken at a 90dB level, which as they say is very loud and far beyond a normal listening level. At a more normal level the mid-range output would be very similar in respect to being audibly clean.

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#317710 - 08/06/10 02:06 AM Re: M22s, VP100, QS4s? [Re: JohnK]
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Originally Posted By: Seekinganswers

You are really selling me on the M2s as front speakers, too. I don't know the details but the M2s looks like a stripped down version of the M22s with one less woofer. I would guess that is why they sound very similar?

Just trying to help you avoid one of the pitfalls of speaker buying that “bigger is better.” Better is relative to ones situation and in your case, not very big room and won’t be playing loud very often, the M2s seem more practical than the M22s to me. They also cost less allowing you to put the savings toward the QS8s which I think most people agree are superior to the QS4s even when not in a large room.

If you can afford M22s mains and QS8s with a M2 center that is a viable option. Just think about what you plan to do with the M22s and M2 when you are ready to upgrade. As I mentioned M22s are IMO overkill as wide, height and rear speakers (where they’re likely to be re-tasked) unless you have a huge room. They’ll do the job but an M2 will do those jobs for a lot less money. So in both the short and long run it’s cheaper to get 3 M2s now and later when you upgrade get one more M2 and turn them into wide and rear, wide and height or height and rear as any future receiver you get will likely have those capabilities. OTOH if you think you might have a use for the M22s as 2ch speakers in a medium to small room then they could be a good choice. Just understand that to cover a full musical range of frequencies they will still need a subwoofers support.

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#317735 - 08/06/10 09:58 AM Re: M22s, VP100, QS4s? [Re: grunt]
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You won't have regrets if you go with M22's for mains. You're only saving ~$180 total (from Factory Outlet) in downgrading to the M2's. You can save that by not going out to eat for a month.

When you want to play loud you can, and if you go into a bigger room, you can. I've probably moved my setup 7-8 times and the M22's have never failed me in any situation. I really like the M22's because when placed on a desk, they are at the perfect listening height.

My philosophy on audio equipment is to buy the best that is reasonable now, and take care of it. Let me tell you, I was a freshman in college when I bought my Axiom setup. Every person on my floor called me crazy for that type of investment.

It broke the bank a little bit, but it's been 6 years, they still play loud, look great, and have served me well. It's an investment that will last, and in many years when you still have your setup, you won't be itching to get something else. I sure am not.

Good luck :-)

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