Sure, above about 80Hz the design similarities make for a very close match. Looking at the NRC test results used by SoundStage, it appears that the M22 enclosure is tuned to about 55Hz and the M2 to about 75Hz. So the M22 should have about 20Hz more bass extension and be capable of a louder bass level because of the two drivers in operation.

Above that point the two M22 drivers would allow for greater mid-range output or lower distortion at the same level, and the NRC graphs do show more distortion in the M2s there although the frequency response is essentially identical. However, as the NRC points out in their description of their procedures, this distortion measurement is taken at a 90dB level, which as they say is very loud and far beyond a normal listening level. At a more normal level the mid-range output would be very similar in respect to being audibly clean.


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