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#370624 - 03/22/12 01:44 PM Re: Reading the M60 vs. M80 Graphs [Re: Adrian]
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But a professional reviewer said so!
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#370682 - 03/22/12 09:03 PM Re: Reading the M60 vs. M80 Graphs [Re: axiom_man]
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Going back to the OP, I would suggest the M60's over the M80's because of the sub you are using. The biggest difference between the 80's and 60's as he mentioned is bass extension and max spl. I've never heard the Studio line of Paradigm, but the Axiom's are certainly better than the Monitor line (at least when I bought my M60's and compared the brands a few years ago).

#370735 - 03/23/12 10:10 AM Re: Reading the M60 vs. M80 Graphs [Re: axiom_man]
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Old story now, I auditioned my M60s side by side against my Buddies' Studios. We did our best to A/B them at the same volumes using my db meter. Switching wasn't seamless so the best we could do was try to trick each other as to which was playing when.

Neither of us are professional reviewers and we were inexperienced in critical listening. However, we both agreed by the end that we could not 'confidently' tell the difference between the two. We both agreed that strictly by our our inability to confidently pick out which speaker was which, that the Axioms were probably the better deal for the dollar, sound wise. However, did that make the Axioms necessarily the best choice? No. Not for both of us.

He kept the Paradigms and I kept the Axioms. He preferred the look and the more luxurious finish for his more modern apartment. I kept the Axioms as our house is much more laid back in style and the less luxurious look was not a concern. We were both extremely happy with our purchases.

My point, I don't pretend to be a "professional reviewer", I will not try to tell you that I am certain one is better than the other, because I was unable to even decide for myself... I just thought I'd add my personal experience into the thread for those who might find it interesting.

After all, if I'm making any point at all, it's that most of us, due to skill and circumstance, can only listen subjectively at best and finally, that in the end, the only item of importance is that your happy with your final choice.
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#370789 - 03/23/12 09:40 PM Re: Reading the M60 vs. M80 Graphs [Re: axiom_man]
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I kinda have two similar set ups. I have a large great room (28X32) with vaulted ceiling height of 22í. I have a 2.1 set up in this room for the casual TV watching and music. At one time I had M80ís in this room and they worked very well, but lower base was lacking so I put an EP 600 in this room and I rather like the combination. Iím not sure if M60ís would cut in this particular room, but suspect they would. I use Opus 2-2ís in this room now with the EP600. My HT is pretty small, 12X18. I had M80ís in this room and recently moved to M60ís. I canít tell much difference in spl output, because I couldnít ever crank it anyway. The M60ís will still play much louder than my hearing can tolerate. I also have some M22ís that I messed around with a bit in this room as mains. I found the M22ís to be lacking. They did just fine paired together as a center channel though. Now I am using them as width channel speakers. My current arrangement in the HT is M60s, a VP160, a VP150, two EP500ís and six QS-8ís (Rear and Side Surrounds and Heights). Probably way too much speaker and Iím still messing around with the height and width channels trying to figure out the Denon 4311. So rambling aside, I think M60ís would be more than adequate for your HT paired with a good sub or two. Theyíd probably be just fine for your two channel rig too. I have not heard the latest rev of Paradigm Studios so I canít comment on them. I have listened to Studio 100ís about five years ago and found them to be quite similar to M80ís. A bit more laid back than the M80Tiís, but close. I think the M60V3ís would be a closer comparison. Any of the V3's would probably be closer as they are somewhat smoother at the high end freq than the Ti's.

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