Trying to decide between Paradigm Studio 60 and the M80 or M60.
but, at $1800 not sure the Paradigms are that much better.

Had the 80's although ver. 1 is the sound much better than version one.

The question I have is if I have a SVS sub and cut off at 80hz will I see any difference between the 60 and 80's namelt $500 worth.

Right now the plan is two systems, one in living room mainly music or tv. It will only be 2ch and sub

I have a theatre room and right now I am into bookshelfs and dual subs. I really can't see the difference, I am LFE at 80hz. Only thing I am thinking is adding a small sub to each surround. This will just be a small 8" sub using the Line in/outs. Just to give those QS8's a little balls. Alan also said this might be a good thing. Not there for room shattering sound, just some extra bottom.

I have Pioneer VSX-1156 basically a Elite SC-30. I amd going to use a Emotiva XPA-3 for the front three and the amp for the surrounds. Two SVS Ultra's. Right now I have three MK 750's for the front three. But, they are wattage draws so added the XPA.

Upstairs I want to setup a Emotiva XPA-2. Plan on a Martin-Logan Depth and not sure but, either the 60's or 80's or the Studio 60's
Pioneer sc-1525
M80 HG Cherry