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#402238 - 03/27/14 06:05 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: JohnK]
Zarak Offline

Registered: 03/09/03
Posts: 1849
Loc: PA
LED LCD's seem to be the trend these days. Are these better than Plasma?

#402241 - 03/27/14 07:22 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: Zarak]
LightninJoe Offline

Registered: 10/28/05
Posts: 558
Loc: Portland, OR
From what I've seen, plasmas keep getting top honors from the HT writers and critics and from the AVS folks. BUT that's for the top-end units.
"That's some catch, that Catch-22." "It's the best there is." M22ti VP150 EP350 QS8 M3Ti

#402243 - 03/27/14 08:20 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: dakkon]
Socketman Offline

Registered: 07/12/09
Posts: 1300
Loc: Whitehorse YT
I will be sad to see the end of plasma's but the writing is on the wall. I own 4 and if I were rich I would have 65zt60 panny. Lcd's have poor off center viewing , which in a bedroom would not be a problem , I just don't find them as satisfying to watch as I do a plasma. From what I understand a plasma just wont scale well to 4k and they are expensive to make, though good products usually are.
DOG is GOD spelled backwards.
I blame my terseness on my keyboard. smile

#402249 - 03/28/14 09:09 AM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: Zarak]
alan Offline

Registered: 01/29/02
Posts: 3194
Loc: Toronto/New York/Dwight
Hi Zarak,

No, LED LCD's are not superior to plasma -- they tend to be brighter, so if the room you're considering typically has a lot of daylight or big windows, then look at LED LCD sets.

In stores, plasma sets will look dimmer compared to the LED LCD sets, and the latter are run in the "torch" mode so they're positively dazzling to the eye. Some are very good and better off-axis than those of past years, but in terms of overall natural picture quality, the best plasmas are superior.

I just helped a friend shop for 50-inch flat screen set and he got a near top-of-the-line Samsung plasma, about $1800, that's just stunning. Even the 3D feature (which wasn't important to him) works surprisingly well. Samsung is still building excellent plasma sets. Some of the under $1000 Led/LCD sets were very good, including Samsung, but the picture quality just wasn't as natural as the plasma when viewed under dimmer lighting.

Plasma sets also do not have any motion-blur issues with fast-action sports.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert

#402250 - 03/28/14 12:04 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: dakkon]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
Posts: 1195
I have 3 LCD sets - 2 X Sonys & 1 X elcheapo brand for the guest room.

My main 55" Sony (1 model below their famous XBR seies) in my HT is simply stunning from our normal viewing area. I detect no motion blur whatsoever.

The 2 lower end ones work really well in our 2 bedrooms & far exceed any CRT that I ever had there.

As I've noted before, Plasmas are huge RFI generators & I won't be sad to see them leave the marketplace. Then my radio collection will be happy as well...


#402260 - 03/28/14 04:16 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: dakkon]
dakkon Offline

Registered: 02/08/04
Posts: 1846
In my family room i have a 60" Panasonic Plasma. In the bedroom i wound up going with a Samsung LED/LCD a 6030. It's ok.. But, i REALLY wanted a plasma.. I did a heck of a lot of searching. But, due to my size constraint i was pretty much left with the LED/LCD products. There is still a decent supply of larger plasma's 55"+ in the market. However, i had to stick with something no larger than a 42". As john noted the panasonic 42S60 was a very good plasma. I could only find 1 available in the country, and that was at a Sears outlet in Tennessee, and they wouldn't ship it either... So, i had no choice...

Below is an interesting article i found about the decline in the Plasma market. Which is really too bad, because they were the best looking sets. In todays market, picture quality isn't so much of a concern as the "smart" aspect of TV's for the general population.....,news-17668.html

Jason, Depending on what your looking at, given your previous post on what you are looking for, i would recommend a getting the Samsung6030 (non-smart) display (which is the display i have), you could see the space constraint that i had. The initial measurement was actually 39" and the 40" 6030 fits that space perfectly. Also, by connecting either a Roku, or Apple TV to the display you can easily replace the "smart" part of the TV down the road as hardware changes, and you're not stuck with the chipset within the TV. That is what i would do if i was looking for streaming content. They make holders that will allow you to mount the Roku/apple tv to the back of the set, so it will never be seen.

The 6030, really does have a pretty decent Picture, and is the same as the 6050, without the "smart" stuff inside...

Hope this helps.

Here is the 40" Samsung 6030

Edited by dakkon (03/28/14 04:36 PM)

#402272 - 03/28/14 08:07 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: dakkon]
Zarak Offline

Registered: 03/09/03
Posts: 1849
Loc: PA
I guess the easiest thing to do is not worry about the smart features and do Chromecast for netflix viewing on the TV. Easy enough to pick up one of those for $35.

I'm not familiar with RFI. Is this just a noise caused when the plasma is on, or is there more to it?

#402274 - 03/28/14 10:17 PM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: Zarak]
Zarak Offline

Registered: 03/09/03
Posts: 1849
Loc: PA
From reading a little more, it looks like the issue is radio interference, and mostly a concern is someone is using a ham radio in the area, although I assume it can interfere with regular AM/FM as well.

#402275 - 03/29/14 12:38 AM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: dakkon]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
Posts: 1195
Plasma RFI adversely affects reception of mostly Long Wave, Medium Wave (AM) & Short Wave freq bands.

Since mostly only old pharts like me still use real radios with real outdoor antennae, most people would never notice.

Thankfully there aren't any plasmas in my neighbourhood...


#402276 - 03/29/14 01:44 AM Re: Bedroom TV? [Re: exlabdriver]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10454
Yes, the interference affects medium wave AM radio and short wave ham radio operations. FM radio operates at higher frequencies(88 to 108 MHz)where the radiated interference from plasmas is too low to be troublesome. Improperly shielded class D amplifiers and their power cords can cause troublesome interference with FM radio.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

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