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#411220 - 04/01/15 10:44 AM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: AAAA]
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Originally Posted By: Serenity_Now

Matt, enjoy your new preamp, but dont be sour grapes on everyone who decides immersive is for them. smile Your legacy setup will sound amazing when you are done. You will always have the option to adopt later if you want to. But will never have to. Like you said, immersive is a little bit fringe, but will become mainstay once the soundtrack default is DTS:X. Immersive HTIBs are just around the corner.

I am not being sour grapes, or getting down or jealous or anything with those who want to embrace this new technology. I fully support their decision to move in that direction and wish them full heartedly in their endeavour.

All I was saying was that Unless there is a cutoff of the old technology and this new standard is forced onto the masses (like they did with VHS & OTA HDTV) then it will be a niche market that only a few adopters will embrace.

Yes, as the general mass goes out any buys a new receiver from Bestbuy (as Futureshop is now gone) they will get a unit that supports this immersive sound, and it will go out to their two speakers or for the more adventurous, 5.1 speakers and they will see no benefit what so ever.

That does not mean that those who have gotten more speakers or went ahead and installed speakers in the ceiling, or have run a 35.4 speaker setup are going to loose out. They gain the benefit of having taken advantage of what was given to them. Kudo's to them.

I am just saying that the General Public will not. And as a result, I am left to wonder if there will be enough money generated to pay for the added expense of R&D to continue to develop these new idea's or keep supporting what is out there. If customers keep buying DVD's and not Blu-Ray then will the studio's keep paying the extra money to produce two different product skews, or will one of them simply be dropped? if so, which one?
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#411223 - 04/01/15 06:16 PM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: JBG]
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I think the general public will by default, but wont always know it or benefit. Heres why.

I think the new immersive mixes for theaters, and subsequently home users, will actually result in less overhead for the industry. One mixed soundtrack for commercial and home releases (instead of at least 3 now.) It would make sense, since everything is all about streamlining and economics these days.

There has been talk in a few podcasts of setting a single audio workflow and format spec that will be happy across all playback platforms. 2/2.1/3.1/5.1/7.1 This is offered by ATMOS already. Immersive is a magic bullet format, and that is why SMPTE and boadcasters are setting it up for the new standard. If DTS takes over the broadcast monopoly, dolby will just have the theater stranglehold (but just in North America.) DTS:X sounds like it is completely agnostic to placement and numbers of channels. I hope this is true.

It doesnt matter if there is mass market adoption or implementation. The formats fold down and support all playback scenarios. Once the workflow of post production houses is updated (and it would appear the major studios are already getting onboard) immersive is here to stay. It is not the same as 3D vs 2D as there is no choice to make between 2 products. All users are supported, and premium users get a premium experience.

You do not need an immersive decoder to play back a immersive track in a legacy system. You just dont get immersive. I watched John Wick on my TV with dolby ATMOS track selected. No big deal. The BD player automatically downmixed. Worked fine.

Cant wait for the DTS:X launch. Come on April 9!

#411237 - 04/02/15 06:27 PM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: JBG]
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Just finished watching the live recording of this weeks hometheatergeeks podcast. Next thursday the show will be live on location at the DTS:X launch event with all the news info we've been waiting for and contributions from DTS staff. If you cant make it live, the show is usually up on youtube by Friday afternoon at the youtube channel hometheatergeeks, and posts at AVS on the front page on Sunday evenings.

It will be episode #251 for those who want to search it out.


#411351 - 04/09/15 08:46 PM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: JBG]
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DTS:X officially announced today. A handful of ATMOS AVRS will be firmware upgrade ready by the summer, of note the denon 7200. Very few though. Sounds like almost all users will have to wait until the next model year to get DTS:X in mainstream AVRs. Sounds like it is also fully scalable and backwards compatible. Most importantly, it works with an existing 7.1 layout!!

Nick comes off the top rope with a "called that one!" laugh Seriously, if you are in the lot who already purchased an ATMOS AVR I'd sell it now before the summer rollout and mass adoption in stores. (If you care about resale/immersive support.) Missed the podcast live today. Will have to catch the edited version this weekend.

DTS:X seems to also be targeting the single production workflow model. One mix for all users. This is a very good thing. Finally, the cimema mix in our homes!! I wouldnt at all be surprised if there is a deal with some major US sports television looming like Nascar or NFL. Thats how HD got its big launch. These guys are smart, and no doubt gunning for the new broadcast standard designation....

#411369 - 04/11/15 04:44 PM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: AAAA]
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thanks for that update, I found some FAQ's from DTS on DTS-X, here is the link;

and the ht-geeks 251 link here;

#411574 - 04/20/15 06:44 PM Re: Right here Right now ... new Denon HT amp [Re: JBG]
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New oldish news. DTS has withdrawn from the application to be the new broadcast audio format. Now Dolby and MPH are the contenders. DTS will focus on premium cable shows (like HBO) and re-entering the cinema marketplace.

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